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sounds like the fda is in bed with bib pharma in us nothing good comes from them only money speakes their lanuage

The Wife

You do realize that it was the FDA that pursued and eventually was able to ban this quack treatment? That it wasn't until stricter regulations were in place that they were able to go after people like this, to protect the public from "treatments" that had no efficacy? Literally as soon as the laws changed, they went after the manufacturer, despite the public screaming how it was big government overstepping its bounds. That's sort of the opposite of being "in bed" with them.

Every generation there are loons who think that there's some cure-all alternative medicine. That leads to morons who stick bleach up their child's ass to "cure autism" that they believe was caused by immunizations -- because a quack told them so. At least THIS was harmless. Wouldn't cure you, but also didn't make you shit out intestinal lining that delusional idiots think is "worms."

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