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The Wife

As you know, I am an extreme proponent of equal rights. This is, unfortunately, a very good example of the hell that intolerance can cause. Who knows what other advances he could have made, how many other things this man could have accomplished, if only people could accept his nature.
Fear of difference is debilitating for any opportunity for advancement.


They did this to him just because he was gay? That's slack. And why did they give him estrogen? What did they think would happen?
And after what he did, they could have just looked the other way, or send him away or something. I'm glad the PM apologised to him.

The Wife

They apologized long after he was dead.

"Chemical Castration" is the introduction of hormones into the body that is supposed to reduce a man's sex drive, thus preventing the "undesireable" sexual tendencies. They use progestin now, more than estrogen.

There was a while there when Chemical Castration was used on child sex offenders on the assumption that they would no longer be sexually attracted to children. But success is so erratic that it's been all but stopped.

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